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In The Beginning...

Welcome to the home of EGO Recordings! Thank you for your interest in our music. Rick Hampton is the current owner, but the label was created in 2012 by Paul Cote. Here is the story of how Paul created this vision.

Just about 20 years ago, my class from the Riverside Squares of Danvers, MA, presented me this giant "E". It is about two feet tall, bright orange, on wheels, with a pull string. They gave it to me on their graduation night, and made me pull my "Giant E-Go!" around behind me all night long.

Who'da thunk that 20 years later that gift from my new grads would be the inspiration for this new website and my "EGO Recordings"?

Very briefly, my name is Paul Cote, and the music you'll find on this site is all about my "EGO". A couple of years ago, I made a song, "just for me". It was the U2 tune "Pride". Other than performing it myself, the original recording remained on a thumb drive in my pocket. Two years later, I had an idea for another song...Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" and all of a sudden, I found out that some other people liked my musical ideas too!

The name, "EGO Recordings", obviously, is a goof. Anybody with any common sense what-so-ever knows that you can't make money selling square dance music anymore. The ONLY reason to make a recording today is a giant what a perfect name for a label.

The talent behind all of my music is the amazing Buzzy Smith of Houston, Texas. Buzzy is the mastermind behind much of the best music produced for square dancing today. He created dozens of hits for Rhythm Records, Elite Records, Rockin' M. Records, and others. He is available for your musical needs as well.

Paul Cote

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Top Downloads (as of 2023-06-05)

Last 12 Months

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  2. EGO 120 - Sound of Silence
  3. EGO 128 - No Drawers Blues
  4. EGO 109 - Don't Stop Believing
  5. EGO 122 - Mary Did You Know?
  6. EGO 701 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  7. EGO 801 - Come On Ring Those Bells
  8. EGO 125 - Jump In The Line (Shake Senora)
  9. EGO 802 - Superstition
  10. EGO 906 - Steel Valley (Patter)

Last 1 Month

  1. AEGO 203 - Tiptoe Thru The Tulips
  2. EGO 106 - Home
  3. EGO 301 - Down In The Valley
  4. AEGO 102 - The Way
  5. EGO 120 - Sound of Silence
  6. EGO 803 - False Hearted Girl
  7. AEGO 201 - Hallelujah
  8. AEGO 301 - Sweet Caroline
  9. EGO 104 - Sea Of Love
  10. EGO 111 - My Name Is America